President's Message

We are Leading the Industry into the Future

VSTECS is one of the leading and largest ICT product and service providers in Asia Pacific.

As a leader in this industry, VSTECS does more than react to market trends. We anticipate and capitalize upon them. VSTECS wants to lead the industry to embrace emerging technologies. The fact is, VSTECS isn’t just prepared for the future of technology distribution. We want to help redefine it.

We can do it.

With the wide market coverage of over 40,000 resellers and partners in the region, VSTECS has an extremely comprehensive presence in Asia. We are now highly recognized for our network and has forged excellent partnerships with the ICT sectors in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

VSTECS’ willingness to work with our partners in the way that best suits them is a key factor that differentiates us from other distributors. Our relationship with IT vendors, system integrators, and resellers has also allowed us to be in the forefront of the technology.

Our value is in our ability to forge strategic alliances with industry leading vendors - putting together the best of breed products and offer as a total solution to corporate customers and organizations.

We do it by honoring our relationship with our stakeholders.

Our commitment to our customers is our mission. I believe in hand-in-hand relationship with our customers. We work with our clients as our partners, understanding their individual business needs and mapping technology to meet today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges. We believe that success in any business is built on mutual trust and confidence.

With the passage of years, VSTECS still holds on to its core values, which has become our inherent strength. Our pledge is based on quality, integrity, reliability and stability with value for money.

A company’s biggest asset is its people, as is reflected in our guiding philosophy, “Technology is just a tool, People Make the difference”. We focus on respect for individuals; be it my shareholders, customers, staff, business partners, the analysts and the media as well as every individual that affects the way we work.

We do it because no one else can.