Business Strategy

The Group’s goal is to become a leading IT hub in Asia Pacific, focusing on providing IT services and products which are essential components of IT infrastructures. The principal components of our strategy are :-

Strengthening and creating relationships with leading IT providers Working together with other players in the IT industry Leveraging on our complementary IT products distribution business Expanding market share through internal growth and strategic partnerships or acquisitions

Competitive Strengths

VSTECS believes it is well positioned to meet the requirements of companies requiring IT services and products because of :-

The ability to offer a range of IT services and products to customers; The good business relationship with many industry-leading principals of IT products which enable VSTECS to have a comprehensive product mix and access to technology; Good working relationship with a diversified pool of customers including application service providers, internet service providers, commerce service providers, network service providers, full service providers and corporate resellers; VSTECS’ geographical reach int the Asia Pacific region to support customers regionally; and An experienced management team, most of whom have an average of more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry.