Service Offerings

VSTECS Technical Division offers a wide range of services which can be customized to your specific IT and business requirements. We go the distance to cater to your IT infrastructure requirements for today and into the future - working hand-in-hand to meet the IT challenges of an ever-changing business environment. The breadth and depth of our service offerings include:

Point Installation

VSTECS provides a diverse range of point installation services for all your hardware and software installation and configuration needs. We provide supports and services across multi-platform environments.

Entry-level, Midrange and Enterprise Server Hardware Installation and Configuration.

The basic hardware installation and configuration offerings include:

  • Equipment unpacking
  • System rack-mounting
  • Inspection of system components
  • System installation & configuration of operating systems from software to base levels
  • Operating Systems hardening<
  • Storage Installation and RAID Services
  • Testing, diagnosis, system health check
  • Performance tuning
  • Customized installation & configuration
  • Equipment relocation

Infrastructure Software Point Installation & Configuration.

This particular service offering covers basic and quick deployment of the following software.

Custom-Built Services

VSTECS service professionals can address your unique business and IT needs. Please talk to us to see what we can do to help you in designing, installing, configuring and maintaining your applications.

Managed Services

VSTECS Technical Division offers a comprehensive array of Managed Services which can be customised to fulfill your strategic outsourcing requirements. Our support engineers and technical account managers have the right combination of field experience and technical knowledge to assist you in managing your IT environment. Outsourcing of system support with ECS is the right choice because we have the technical know-how in providing multi-vendor & multi-technology solutions. Some of our Managed Services include:

  • Server and storage management
  • Infrastructure software management
  • Network management
  • Security management
  • Performance review and analysis
  • Resident engineers
  • Project management services

Support and Maintenance Services

VSTECS Technical Services Division offers a variety of vendor maintenance programs, which are completely back-to-back with the respective vendors.

In cases where on-site services are not available from the respective product vendors, VSTECS Technical Services Division can offer its maintenance programs incorporating the support of on-site engineers.

Equipment Relocation

Relocation service means more than just moving boxes. It involves the protection of your computing investment & convenience of a single point of contact for all your relocation needs. Special attention to handling systems critical to the operation of your business as well as systems that require special handling and/or packaging.

VSTECS offers the end-to-end management of equipment relocation through the provision of designated project managers, vendor certified engineers, transit insurance & professional transportation. We will be there to co-ordinate the entire operation from start to finish and to allocate resources in ensuring a seamless transition.

Project Management Services

Project Management services from VSTECS Technical Services Division are created to help your organization manage IT projects from start to finish. Our trained Project Managers use industry standards and methodologies in project planning to address quality assurance and risk control. We can become both partners and mentors to assist you in delivering successful projects.

Our Project Management services help you:

  • Deliver the project on time - so you can start reaping returns on your investment as quickly as possible
  • Provide the expertise to help deliver projects within budget while meeting your budgetary and technical - this can mean lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Improve your decision-making processes and more efficiently leverage technical resources

Enterprise Storage

VSTECS Technical Services Division can help customers best exploit and optimize the rich architecture of storage systems from various vendors to meet the unique needs of a customer’s applications, workload and service level objectives.

The Enterprise Storage Systems Implementation Service configures storage systems to meet specific standards spelt out in the specifications. We also provide consulting assistance, project management and product familiarisation to complement basic installation.

A project manager may be assigned to act as a single point of contact to oversee the entire process of implementation. The project manager coordinates all activities including planning, hardware installation, configuration, testing, familiarization and turnover. Optional service modules are available to help customers implement storage technologies such as data replication for disaster recovery purposes and shadow image for online backup purposes.

Service offerings:

  • Server Clustering
  • Storage Management & virtualization<
  • Backup Management
  • DB Clustering
  • Load Balancing
  • SAN / NAS
  • Server Performance Monitoring

Info Security & Networking

Service offerings:

  • Multi-tiered Firewalls and Secure Access
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention<
  • Access Control and Management
  • Network Load Balancing and HA
  • Meta Directory Services

E-Commerce Building Blocks

Service offerings:

  • N-tier Architecture Implementation
  • XML / Web Services / J2EE
  • Portal Design & Deployment
  • E-Commerce Infrastructure Design and Deployment
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Database Design, Deployment, Optimization and Performance Tuning
  • Wireless Deployment
  • Web Traffic Management and Load Balancing