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Training Instructor
Jony Khoe

Class Name:Sun Customized Solaris 10

Well Done, instructor! Very good training experience. Very detailed and clear explaination from the lecturer, Jony Khoe.

Training Instructor
Jony Khoe

Class Name:System Administration for the Solaris 10 OS Part 2

GREAT overall training experience. Thank you!

Training Instructor
Jony Khoe

Class Name:(UBS) SA-230 Solaris Virtualisation Training

It was a nice session, BIG thanks to Jony Khoe, our instructor :)

Passed my Sun Solaris 9 Unix exam- Part I

From:Leong Hon Wai, System Engineer

I am pleased to informed you that I have passed the above-mentioned exam this morning. My score is 73%. Thanks for all the tips, guidance and answers to my many... many questions during the course. In the mock test conducted by you, I got 77%. Comparing the mock test and the actual exam, I feel that your mock test is more tough as it covers quite a wide area. I hope to see you again when I come for the next course, Solaris System Administration II. And, I look forward to seeing you giving me training again in class.

Thank you

From:Heng Li

Hi, I've passed the SA310-012 last Saturday with a score of 81%. Thank you sooo much for your good tutoring on the course.

Class attended for VPN-1/FW-1 NG

From:Kevin Hamson

First Time that I have attended a training course in Singapore and I have to say I am impressed. Keep up the fine work!

SCSA Part 1 Passed

From:Beverly Zapata, Philippines

Hi, I have just taken the SCSA Part 1 exam last Friday and have successfully passed with a grade of 100%. Thank you very much because the training you gave me and all other tips were of great help to this success. It really pays to have a very good trainer! I'm so thankful because you were the one who handled our training there and because your program is really the best! I am now preparing for the SCSA Part 2 and hope I can pass through this exam too. Thanks again and more power to you and to the rest of the ECS family!


From:Jing Rong, Engineer

Hi, I was your student in your solaris 8 part I course last week. I would like to thank you for your nice presentation. Yesterday I took the part I exam and passed at 84%. I learn really a lot of Solaris tips from you. I found there were 30% part I questions came from fundamental. Your advices really help! Once again, thank you and best wishes to you!

Attended iPlanet training

From:Arunkumar.T, System Engineer

I have attended a course iPlanet Server Maintenance and Operations (ISMO). It was a very nice experience while attended the training. I gained a good knowledge about iPlanet servers administration from the trainer. Really it is helping me a lot in my work environment.

Veritas Foundation Suite course

From:Tan Ah Keong

Hi, when is the next class for the veritas cluster ? My colleague just came back from last week's training, he feedback that the course is good. Thanks.

Thank you for your guidance

From:James Tai, Technical Support Engineer

I just want to say Thank You, to both of you. Both of you are very patient and enthusiastic in your teaching and knowledgeable in using the Sun and Solaris products. I really learn a lot from your class and now I have more confident to manage the network in my company and also to help support our customer better. Keep up the good work and good luck to both of you.

Technical Tips from ECS

From:Gary Lim, APAC mobilizer

First of all, thanks for are the informational emails that you've been providing these few weeks. It's good and benefits not just myself but my colleagues and friends as well cause' I've also forwarded your technical tips to them to share these good information. It's good to be updated also the latest training schedules and planned courses from ECS which I hope to see more of it. Due to time management also that some courses I'd like to attend (like upcoming Checkpoint NG, Solaris SA3 etc) but can't get time off work/project to attend. However I'd still like to be updated so that I'll know when is the coming scheduled class and check if I can be available.

Greetings from Canberra!


Attached is a photo of my Linux Penguin, keep in touch ! Cheers!

From former student - cleared exams!

From:G. Krishnaswamy Bharati, Oracle DBA

Hi, I'm Krishna Bharati. I don't know if you remember me - I took the Solaris Sys Admin and Network courses last month back-to-back. Anyway, thanks to you guys I've cleared all three exams ( rather breezily! ) with some good scores ! Solaris System Admin I 49/57 (85%) Solaris System Admin II 56/61 (91%) Solaris Network Admin 50/58 (86%) Thanks a million and keep in touch!!